AMATA – The Australasian Microarray & Associated Technologies Association

AMATA – The Australasian Microarray & Associated Technologies Association

In 2003 at the 3rd National Microarray Conference in Couran Cove, Queensland attendees voted to form a new incorporated association to serve as a multi-disciplinary professional and educational forum for the use of microarray and associated technologies.    Nomination and Membership of the Australasian Microarray & Associated Technologies Association (AMATA) is now open to the Australasian Research Community: The goals of AMATA are:

  • To organise an annual meeting of the membership for the exchange of information and technology know-how
  • To assist in the introduction and implementation of new Microarray and Associated Technologies into Australasia
  • To assist in brokering nationwide arrangements with the suppliers of reagents and resources for microarrays and associated activities
  • To serve as a multi-disciplinary forum towards understanding and fully utilising these high-throughput technologies and the inherent demands placed on data analysis so as to achieve a successful systems biology viewpoint

The Association builds on the generous support provided by the Australian Cancer Research Foundation through the (ACRF) DNA -Resource which has underpinned the development of DNA microarrays in Australia by providing funds for the purchase of microarray instrumentation (AGRF), supporting communication between facilities and States, underwriting the cost of annual conferences and workshops, coordinating the purchase of cDNA and oligo libraries, provision of a forum for core microarray facilities and providing a renewable source of funds for the acquisition of DNA for arraying. AMATA has the ongoing support of the Australian Cancer Research Fund which provided the initial funding.

We hope that you will support AMATA and we look forward to seeing you at the annual conferences.

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